Lemon :
Our export quality south Indian lemons are highly tasty and juicy. It is of sour taste and commonly used for making juice, pickles and industrial purposes.

Onion :
Our Onions are of medium size and are used for making all delicious dishes.
Small Onion :
Small onions or sambar onions are specially used for making tasty and flavored kulambu varieties.

Okra (or) Ladies Finger :
Our Ladies finger is greenish and is of medium size. They are used for making tasty Okra fries.
Green Chilies :
Our green chilies are highly spicy and are commonly used in all dishes.

Bitter Gourd :
Our Bitter Gourds are greenish in color and are bitter. These bitter gourds are especially good for diabetic patients.
Ridge Gourd :
Our Ridge Gourd is of high quality and tasty. They are used for making various dishes.

Bottle Gourd :
Our Bottle Gourd is very smooth and fleshly. They are especially good for old aged peoples.
Snake Gourd :
Our Snake Gourd has normal lengths and they have soft and spongy flesh. Dishes prepared using this is very tasty.

Tomato :
Our Tomatoes are fleshy .There are 2 varieties of tomatoes available, one is hybrid and another one in Nadu.The Nadu variety tomatoes are famous all over the world.
Ginger :
Our ginger is of high quality. They are good for health and helps in digestion. They are used in all dishes.

Brinjal :
Our brinjal or Egg plant is of high quality and they are used for making kulambu and side dishes.
Beans :
Our Beans are long in length and have soft skin and seed. It is good for health and used in making side dishes.

Drumstick :
Our drumsticks are lengthy and of medium softness.
Banana :
Our Bananas are very sweet, tasty and fleshy. There are many varieties available.

Mango :
The taste of Indian variety mangoes are well known all over the world.
Dry Red Chilli :
Our Dry red chilies are highly spicy, tasty and are have rich color.

Groundnuts :
Our Indian groundnuts are crunchy and tasty. The groundnut kernels and seeds are popular all over the world.
Rice :
Our Indian variety Rice is thin and lengthy grains. After cooking they increase in volume and are tasty.

Flowers :
We Export all varieties of long stemmed cut flowers and pick flowers like jasmine.
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